In another case of sleeping on a band I shouldn’t have, I’ve now been fortunate enough to finally give Canada’s Lay Waste a chance with their debut 7” on Get This Right Records. It came out forever ago but unfortunately I haven’t heard many people in my neck of the woods talk them up. Hopefully this review garners some interest because they rule.

While I can get down with an album or band that pushes the limits and incorporates a ton of different genres blended into their own style, I definitely appreciate when a band takes a much more straight forward approach. No frills type of bands give the listener’s brain a chance to relax and just jam out to the tunes presented before them. Lay Waste does exactly that. There is an obvious nod to early Hatebreed in their sound and vocal delivery but they inject some of that West Coast bounce much in the same way that Lionheart perfected on their first record. The idea never wanders from song to song either and the band just pumps out 4 very “in your face” tunes that have earned them quite amount of replays on my iPod. My only complaint is that their style isn’t best suited on 7” or EP format. Their quick, to the point, songs deserve to be on full length. Had this been a 10 song album as opposed to a 4 songer, this probably would be the soundtrack to my workouts for a foreseeable future.

Admittedly I don’t know much about this band but I plan on changing that soon. I look forward to hearing more from this quartet from the North and hopefully catch them live. If you like your hardcore heavy and without surprises, Lay Waste is the band for you. Get on that and pick up this 7” from Get This Right Records now!