I hope you have a trash can and some fireworks on hand, because this past February Haymaker put out new music for the first time in many years. I'm not 100% certain, but I've always seen them as a kind of decently obscure band, known only to a cult following of Canadian hooligans and Holy Terror devotees. For those who do not fall into those categories, Haymaker are an obscenely thrashy hardcore punk band from Hamilton, Ontario. Their music style, and occasionally membership, is shared with a handful of their contemporaries such as The Swarm, Acrid, and Left For Dead, all also well known pit starters in their own right.

Haymaker's music is fast, brutal, uncompromising, and terrifying, adjectives that can equally apply to their overall message, as well as their infamous live shows. Anything goes while Haymaker is on the stage. Bottles, trash cans, fireworks, even sofas and love seats, all become weapons of entertainment during the melee of minute long songs and moshing bodies.

Let Them Rot, thankfully, sees the band at their searing best, not changing or missing a beat from years passed. All four tracks are brief and chaotic, seeing the band just barely keeping pace with each other while vocals possibly straight from hell itself push the music over the edge of sanity. Think Ringworm stripped of all the heavy metal and you have a good idea. This release is short and to the point, and will undoubtedly have you playing it over and over and over again like I have been.

Top track: Let Them Rot