A few years ago this band came into my radar. Judging the book by the cover (the name), I wrote them off as a metalcore band. Thankfully, around the time Unique Leader signed them (a perfect fit really), I came around to listening to them and immediately regretted being stubborn. Their debut was very solid brutal death metal that showed promise and good lord did they deliver on that shown promise.

First thing to strike me was the cover art. Created by Sarafin Concepts, it's an amazing piece that sets the stage for the Trinity of Falsehood. Seriously, it's an awesome piece and one of my more recent favorites. Anyway, onto the important stuff, the music.

To quickly sum this album up, it can be described in a quick sentence: unrelenting technical brutality. From the opening barks of their singer, the band stomps the living shit out of the pedal and puts it to the floor. They rarely let up on it as each song flies by on an average of 3 minutes each.

In these shorter songs they pack A LOT of awesome riffs and never once does any of it sound forced. It's a thing of beauty when a technical death metal band can be technical and not make it seem like they're jerking off their guitar and forced notes down the listeners throats. They blend everything quite well. A lot of this ferocity is driven by their drummer. Dude is an absolute madman on the skins. His performance is a HUGE standout for a record shining in a great riff performance by their guitarist. He has packed in so many incredible riffs it is ridiculous. It's like he's saying "oh, you like those pile of riffs? Well, he's a mountain of riffs. Yeah, they're all equally awesome, enjoy!" Enjoy I did, it helped keep repeat listens fresh which is a sign of a great album.

The Kennedy Veil is a name that if you like death metal and haven't heard their name yet I feel you will. This release demands respect from the genre and further. With more touring I see no reason why they couldn't gain some serious ground within the metal underground. They're young and this is only their 2nd release. Like their debut showed promise, Trinity of Falsehood shows they're prepared to continually get better and they're not fucking around in doing so.