Nick Steinborn (guitar / keyboard in The Wonder Years) joined The Wonder Years a few years ago during the TRL days. In between tours he created his own project named Why Bother? If you are expecting The Wonder Years sound in this bad boy, think again! I popped this jammy into my cd player and listened to it a couple times, and this is what i can tell you...

The first track, "This Isn't Very Good" is actually very good. If you are a sucker for catchy hooks and a well placed verse / chorus pattern, this opening track will get you tapping your foot, and having hitting repeat, because the song is damn good.

"Pause" is like the Threshold to Jet Airliner. It sets up "Parasite" with a little minute and a half set up. Wasn't sure I liked this style upon first listen. You know... an intro to a song after a banger, but the more I listened, it fit with the record. "Parasite" is a bass driven jam. To be honest, my attention span is short so I was waiting for the next song to come on.

Alright alright, "Long Road" woke me up from my nap. Guitars and drums are huge in this song. I'm a sucker for a fast song after a slow song. Catchy chorus definitely accompanies the smile on my face.

The EP ends with "I Exist Alone" is another slower jam but heavier than "Parasite".

All in all, "This Isn't Very Good" flows well, doesnt slump on creativity, and has a couple catchy jams. Don't take my word for it, order the album from Get This Right Records, or check out Nick's bandcamp and take a listen. Hell, the dude did all of the shit himself.