I had the pleasure of seeing Hell To Pay play a couple weeks ago at an American Legion and they were really heavy and loud for a 3-piece. THERE'S MY INTRO!...

Hell To Pay is a 3-piece heavy hardcore / power-violence band from Allentown, PA. There debut album is, as you can tell, self titled.

The first song "Fire" starts off with something so heavy you can almost flip a merch table. Than it goes into the singing and it sounds like someone is throwing up. I dont even know if they are saying words. Followed by some trippy bass tone and vocals that sound like someone is locked in a cave and screaming to get out...get these hostages a cheeseburger. And it ends with the chick from the "Memory Remains" making an appearance.

The next song "Idiot Box" is so fast I can't even circle pit to it because I'd look like an idiot. Wait, it slowed down a ton. So heavy. Nice. "I Am Providence just started with some Halloween-esque sound effects stuff but eventually turns into a real headbanger. Long-hairs are gonna be shaking their unwashed hair to this baby. The beginning and ends of these songs are crazy scary and creepy.

"Rattle The Chains"? More like rattled my brain. Another fast song that if I tried singing along live i'd look like some dork trying to "sing-a-long" to "The Saddest Day". C'mon, you know what I'm talking about.

The last track, "Bastard", starts off so vicious and kicks in with a soul-crushing line "God damn the bastard - locked in his cell". DEEP SHIT. They spice this jam up with a fast part, BUT not before hitting you venue-ruining mosh part that will make the teen coordinator at the local YMCA grab the phone and call in a full scale riot of smelly punks just ready to wail on a cop.

I'm glad I chose to review this because I'm not a huge fan of the term "power-violence" but these guys fucking wail more than Crucial Taunt. Stream their tracks on the band page via Stereokiller and book them to make all the chicks sell out their small t-shirts.