I think we're really spoiled here in the US with some of the best hardcore bands in the world popping up all over the country. That said, some of the most interesting bands and a few of my favorite bands come from Europe like Bastions and Oathbreaker. Unfortunately, France's Kill For Peace does not fit under this category and "Logjam" is an uninspired metallic hardcore record with predictable riffs and odd lyrics that don't translate to English well.

Even though the average song time is a little over a minute or so, this album was honestly a chore to listen to past the sixth song. There's little to no variation with the same song formula: a groovy, mid-tempo verse, chorus, maybe a bridge and then a very slow, almost bordering on beatdown-style breakdown. The times where they deviate from this path like on songs like "They're Watching You" and "3-Headed Snake" feel like a breath of fresh air, but aren't able to make up for all the shortcomings on this record.

Not all hardcore bands need melody in their music to make it work (take Expire for example), but with these songs sounding so similar and oftentimes bland, it was nice to see some melody. Tracks like "3-Headed Snake" and most notably notably in "Venetian Shutter," where there's Mike Muir-esque sang vocals have much-needed melody.

There's really nothing memorable about this CD at all, from the music to the lyrics. I would've rather they stayed in their native language and translate it for myself than listen to the vocals in English. Lyrics like "I'm just a Darwin's son who convict all this rot" just take away from actually trying to enjoy the music or connect with a message. Overall, I would avoid this album if you're a hardcore fan.