Drunk as Shit are a thrash-influenced hardcore punk band from Salt Lake City Utah who like to discuss drinking in their songs…a lot. By seeing the name of this band and the title of the album Drunk Punk Thrash, you pretty much know what you’re in for. Fast, no-frills, circle pit-inducing punk matched with lyrics either about how much they drink or how much society and the government suck. That’s it really, there’s not much else to say about this album. It’s been done before by many other bands, and it’s been done a lot better. These guys do stay true to the punk ethos, with a very raw attitude on the album that makes you believe all the songs were recorded in one take. But that alone can’t carry a whole album and make it memorable. There’s just nothing showcased on the album that makes me want to give it another listen. Rather, it makes me want to listen to bands that did this type of music better like Municipal Waste’s The Art of Partying. It’s not the worst punk record I’ve ever heard, but it’s far from the best. If you like bands like Common Enemy you might like this record, but otherwise I can’t give a recommendation to check it out.