In my last lot of physical copy reviews, I stumbled on a hard rock band called Famous Underground that really surprised me with a brand of hard rock that still stands up to the zillions of bands who play it and have played it for decades. That said, Chrome Cabot's "Rock Cuisine" is anything but. I don't even think they're a band anymore, their last update on Facebook was over six months ago. So basically, I had to waste my time listening through this album to do a write-up on a band that probably doesn't even play anymore...and for good reason.

There's really nothing worthwhile about listening to this record. There's no originality, the production is pretty lame, and the lyrics are childish and forgettable. This record should have been named after the last song, "Smorgasbord of Lame." You haven't ever heard of this band, and you shouldn't have to ever again.