Intimate Dream is the brainchild of Hugh Faulds from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His EP Wonderful Thing is comprised of 6 songs that will be familiar to anyone who is a fan of 70s and 80s pop rock and hard rock. Although there are a lot of things to like about this EP, there are almost equally as important features that bring this collection of songs down to an average rock outing.

The EP kicks off with the catchiest track which happens to also be the title track, “Wonderful Thing.” The guitar work is a strong point on this album: the tones are great, and in particular this first track’s melodic and lush chord progression is memorable. The way that this song goes through different dynamics is refreshing as well, as the bridge builds up back into the final chorus in a seamless way. This is a testament to strong songwriting ability. All that said, the vocals are very hit-or-miss across all songs, most notably in this one. During the bridge, it’s easy to hear auto-tune aiding the vocals which is disappointing.

The second track “In Your Head” has a different, funkier feel to it. The song according to the band’s Facebook page is a song about a close friend of the band’s who committed suicide.

With all due respect, I honestly can’t sense any of the emotion that went into writing this song and the memories that would come with it. It sounds more like a typical love song, and it’s almost hard to take seriously with the last line being “I’d be just fine if I could do her one more time.” The guitar solo was among my favorite moments on the EP, however.

“Mine Alone” has a more reserved feel to it, “Space Girl” has an 80s hard rock edge, and “Slow Down” is a bluesy jam-so there is a good amount of content and although the genres themselves may be different, I have to say the EP flows pretty well. There’s also an a cappella version of “Wonderful Thing” which is an interesting addition.

Another thing that struck me as odd were the lyrical choices. Sometimes they felt like they were written by a 15-year-old kid writing about a girl he had a crush on rather than someone who’s trying to be professional in their music. They were at most times pretty trite and uninspired.

Overall, I enjoyed the musicality and variety this EP has to offer. The lyrics and vocals weren’t the strong suit, but for what it is, I think this is an average or slightly above-average rock EP.