For the record, I didn't like this album the first time I heard it (for some incredibly dumb reason to which I have no explanation for). Like your teacher always used to tell you "always double check your work". With that said, Oblation picks up right where S/T left off and will cave your skull in. Everything about this record sounds just as good and classic as S/T. Ranging from the bomb notes and the signature tone, to the same catchy melodic vocals; which I'm hoping the songs are still about being gay. No, not in an ironic way either. Knowing that tons of straight male metal fans are singing along to this and knowing what the lyrics are about is what gives me what little hope I have left for this world.

You got any painkillers? No not to dip out while listening, but to take beforehand.....well maybe for both depending on how you're feeling. Anyway, I'd highly advise it cause if not you're going to have severe neck pain from the non stop headbang for forty minutes. Right from the opening title track, Floor gives the fans exactly what they wanna hear. Their slow heavy sludge riff that has you holding on for dear life. So you better hold on to something and just enjoy the ride. From there, it doesn't take long for them to give you their signature wobbly bomb note. On track 3 ("Trick Scene") Floor assault the listener with it, as well as the other track where they do this obnoxiously in the best way possible is entitled "Love Comes Crushing". Go figure huh?

Other notable tracks for me are "New Man", the epic "Sign of Aeth" and "Homegoings and Transitions", which "Homegoings" sounds much like "Kallisti" from S/T in which singer Steve Brooks harmonizes beautifully with a chick that will surely put a smile on your face. The only track I think that is sub-par is "Raised to the Star", which is the only different dynamic track on the record. Floor gives us a little taste of Dbeat which I'm personally not a fan of. It's probably just me being stubborn but still, it didn't tickle my fancy.

Basically, this album is another S/T. Not in a bad way, either. More like in the best way possible. I know when some bands write similar albums people tend to dislike when there's no growth involved. I guarantee you this isn't the case for this album. This is exactly what you want to hear from Floor. Whether it came out 2 years after S/T or 12 years later, they bring exactly what they're meant to 150%. Go get a fuckin' neck brace, you're gonna need it.