Rock-N-Roll Deathwish is the latest release from the longest-running punk band in Mississippi's punk history called Before I Hang. This is a lean and mean, rude and crude collection of 12 straightforward hardcore punk songs.

Rock-N-Roll Deathwish is a good record, but by no means is it great. Just because a band has been around for over two decades doesn't always mean that they progress and adapt to a new sound. In this album's case, it's unfortunate that it's nothing more than an average punk album. With newer bands that have much more interesting takes on punk like The Menzingers, it's hard to give this album any credit for originality. That said, the songwriting is solid and all members are more than capable of holding their instruments down in a competent fashion which isn't always the case in this type of music. I enjoyed the few solos that were thrown onto the record which really added some variety into songs that are extremely straightforward.

On the topic of variety, you won't find much on this record. That may be expected from a punk band doing this style, but because of this I didn't find myself want to go back and listen to the album again. It starts out cranked to ten, goes through the album and ends on the same dynamic. Some of the lyrics were funny but pretty immature like on "She's a Whore" and they kind of toot their own horn on "Rock-N-Roll Deathwish" with the opening lines bragging about how long they've been a band and how others have fallen. Overall, if you're really into punk then you may like this album. For those who are pretty selective on what bands they listen to in the genre like myself, I can't really recommend it.