Personally, the thing every Doom/Stoner band needs to be able to do is write that one great big riff; as well as being able to execute the big riff for majority of the song. Between that riff and the little things you do in between transitions and such are what separate the mighty from the rest of the herd (the other obvious main contributing factor is the tone). How big and ugly or "crushing" can your tone sound? Well stoners and stonerettes, I'll be happy to tell you that Conan not only gives you the big riff like other heavy hitters of the genre, but they also have a signature disgusting tone on this record. Which I'm hoping translates live as well. How I've never heard these guys is beyond me and I'm a douche for not knowing about them til now.

This power trio of destruction gives the listener six tracks of pure stoner metal. True fans of the genre surely will not get bored at any point throughout the album. Every song (while still holding on to their signature sound) manages to have its own personal feel to it, which I know is a concern when listening to a new stoner metal band/album. Everyone wants to get lost in an album, but not literally lost to the point where you can't differentiate songs from them all sounding the same. Now you know to exempt Conan from that poop list.

The lead vocalist and sometimes other members have a very similar pitch to Al and Matt from Sleep or even older Mastodon style vocals. More so of a in key shouting approach as oppose to guttural screams or singing, which I dug the shit out of. While I believe the album gets better as it goes on my favorite tracks are "Crown of Talons" and "Horns for Teeth".

The best part of being a reviewer is when we get these MP3s and it's from a band I never heard of and really like I get to look forward to buying the vinyl, especially for the stoner/doom genre. Without a doubt I will purchase Blood Eagle. Hoping and assuming that the sound is even bigger and more crushing on wax. Other bands of the genre like Weedeater releasing albums this year better fuckin bring it, because Conan just made the competition that much harder.