The new album from Misconducters entitled Hypnopaedia fails to stand out of the pack with little variation in song structure, nonsensical lyrics, and sub-par musicianship.

Misconducters play a style of melodic punk similar to Descendents, only a little more aggressive and a lot less creative. They have some hard rock and blues influence as well with a lot of double stops and a few (messy) bluesy solos. Most of these songs suffer from the downfalls I mentioned in the first sentence of this review. There isn't one song on this record that stood out to me in any way. I was waiting for the tempo to change from a boring mid-tempo to a more traditional punk speed, but it didn't happen until the fifth track entitled "Passive." When they finally do turn on the gas, the band is falling apart at the seams due to a rhythm section that needs to be tightened up. I understand punk isn't always meant to be perfect and clean, but the drumming is so off from the rest of the instruments it's nothing short of distracting. I was hoping that the instrumental "Vermifuge" would be a redeeming factor on this album, but all it is is a generic punk song with no lyrics. Being that the band is from Brazil I was hoping for some interesting grooves, maybe some acoustic guitar buildup into one of their songs, but unfortunately that's not the case.

In one of my other recent reviews I had mentioned how the lyrics fail to make any impact since English isn't the band's first language. I would've rather listened to this album in Portuguese than try to connect with what they're trying to say in English. It's not that I don't understand what they're saying, it's just like reading lyrics an angry pre-teen wrote. An example would be from "Control Evasion:" "Lying in your bed like a waking dead, tune into some radio station, bullshit now fills your head." Like many punk bands, they have a political stance and talk out against the corruption of their country in a song like "Kingdom." I just wish the lyrics would make more sense, but I have to give them credit as I wouldn't be able to even attempt to write a song in Portuguese.

This is honestly a very mediocre album and I wouldn't think anyone who's into punk would enjoy it.