I first became aware of Whitechapel around 2006/2007. I first heard what I guess was their 2nd demo and then the first full length. This was around the time deathcore was beginning to take shape as a genre and we didn't know the amount of abominations would plop out of the scene. I enjoyed some of the genre as I loved death metal and enjoyed metalcore from time to time. The band's first full length was great for my tastes. The second album was good, but not as great. Afterwards, I never really kept up with them.

Listening to this, the band has obviously changed a good bit over the years. My first reintroduction to the band was the title track which reminded me of a more metal Hatebreed. Honestly, it piqued my interest. Then I got to listen to the entire album and it didn't live up to my expectations.

The band has reinvented themselves a bit, progressed if you will and focus more on grooves. My problem with it is it sounds like a lot of djent (hate to use that term) and a vast majority of the album plods along at a mid tempo pace. This makes many tracks run together. About halfway through the album is when blast beats come back out and the singer's low gutturals pop up. He honestly has some of the best I've ever heard, so I would have loved to hear it more.

Obviously, I'm aware it's foolish to wish for a band to stick with one style over and over. Growth is to be expected. I'm sure many a diehard fan is losing their shit over their new stuff. I'll give them this much, it is damn heavy. The production helps that a good deal. It's a solid album, but I jut found many a track to sound similar and a good bit of it to not be as memorable as prior releases.

Standout tracks: Our Endless War, Worship the Digital Age, How Times Have Changes, and Fall of the Hypocrites.