When it comes to the progressive rock-type stuff, albums are really hit-or-miss for me. (To be fair, there's lots going on this album where I'm not sure if it's fair to pin it down to a genre, but if I had to, prog rock would be it.) There has to be really great songwriting throughout since many bands have longer song times or more songs on albums than bands in other genres. On top of that, there has to be something extra than just catchy tunes-there also has to be a "wow" factor that keeps you listening. Otherwise, this genre and these bands won't do anything for you and will seem very boring. Global Unified's self-titled album manages to somewhere in the middle with great songwriting and musicianship but a weak vocal performance and an unrelateable concept that keep it from being great.

This CD has strong songwriting and lots of variety, but there are a few glaring problems that keep me from further enjoying this album. It should be noted that this self-titled album is a concept album which is very ambitious. That said, the concept itself is rather odd and it makes me think that I might see one of these band members on an episode of Doomsday Preppers or something. The booklet has this to say: "The Global Unified Army has taken over and now controls our government and corporations. There is a perpetual surveillance of everything everyone says and does to monitor for potential threats. We know better than to be seen or heard questioning the benevolence of the Leader. It's the only way to stay out of the re-education camps...or the makeshift morgues." There's more to the story, but all in all the concept doesn't seem all that relateable and therefore the lyrics on the album don't really resonate with me. The story itself is kind of bizarre, really. And maybe that's what the band were aiming for, but I feel left out of the experience-it feels like it's all their story which doesn't translate well to the listener and it's hard to appreciate. Also, the performance given on this record is very good aside from the vocals. At some points they were good especially in the lower register and softer points, but the vocalist's voice isn't strong at all.

It's easy to think that this album overstays its welcome. The average song length is about 3 and a half minutes, which isn't bad at all. However, there's 19 songs on the disc. However, this fact isn't a huge problem unless you have a short attention span because as I said before, there's a lot of genres melded into this album. They do it well too, and the change of genres from different songs never really seems disjointed.

Overall, I think this is a good but not quite great album. If the band is able to fix a few of the problems plaguing this album, I would be very interested in hearing another album from Global Unified.