So with a name like Cokegoat, you wouldn't be hesitant to believe me if I told you this band is musically as interesting as said name. With that said, I'd be willing to bet you would believe me if I told you that they sucked with a name like that too. What if the case were both?

First off, let me state how much I hate this wave of "stoner-prog" bands coming out that spawned from Mastodon when they changed their music a few years back. Every band I hear (including Cokegoat) is more of a D+ Baroness or Clutch, let alone anywhere near what Mastodon have been or have become. While plenty of great musicianship is there, the actual song writing lacks immensely every time I hear a band like this. Cokegoat is no different in the sense that by doing too much they've out-smarted themselves. The potential to what could be some pretty solid rockin' jams turns into obnoxious songs that have too much going on, and an unnecessary last 2 minutes too long of "proginess".

I'm not saying it's all terrible. Some of the riffs and bridges remind me of Remission/Leviathan era Mastodon. I mean, who wouldn't like a band executing that style a decade or so after those albums came out. But alas, every time my head gets a boppin' the next sequence of the song has me be bored to death; then goes on far longer than I'd like it to. The worst thing of all is in half the songs they don't even return to that memorable killer lick.

As the record goes on it does get better. The most memorable tracks for me were the last 2-3, especially the closing track "Glorious Dead". Besides that track, I will more than likely never listen to this album ever again. I will however listen to their future works. Better luck next time dudes.