I first came across Diseased Reason at the first South West Terror Fest a couple of years back where they headlined the three day event. I have to say, I was blown away by their performance. Then they kind of fell off the grid for a bit even though I'd seen some of the band around town and at shows, and a good friend of mine actually started playing bass for them. But as far as the band was concerned, nothing. No news at all

Then I was lucky enough to catch them again at a local pub. Again, they blew me away and I learned that they were FINALLY recording the album. So here we are now!

I'm not in the least bit disappointed with this record. Recombinant has ten songs of pure grind goodness! I must say, I'm really loving the grind era of music! And this band and album are one of the reasons that I say that.

From the opening riff and dual guttural growls of A PERFECT KNOW,you know your in for a pretty brutal ride. Of course everything is fast, but there are perfectly timed breaks and and choruses that break up the lightning like pace of the album.

The vocals are exceptional in their form. To me, the vocals are what can, not always though, either can make or break the band. So a good vocalist to me is important. And with Diseased Reason, not only do you get the superb vocals, but an amazing blend of all the instruments, including the insane blast beats and fills of the drummer does through out the entire album.

The melody of the guitars are also another deciding factor with this recording. Their not deep in the traditional sense of the genre, but still manage a huge heavy load from the speakers. Also, you can hear every note that's being picked by the guitars. Its an excellent mix for a somewhat chaotic music. But the sound is crisp and clear, you can hear everything at just the right levels.

Over all, this is a beast of an album, as a fan, I'm very pleased on how this came out and am glad to have seen them the both times that I have. As a reviewer, Recombinant is one of those albums that comes along every once in a while. There are no bad qualities to it, the mix is good and the songs are good. Over all, this is a must have for fans of heavy music, it starts and never really stops until the album ends.