When I first heard that Angela Glasgow was leaving Arch-Enemy, I must admit, I was pretty bummed, as were probably most other fans of the band. But then came along Alissa White-Gluz and a set of pipes on her that shook the metal world. OK, I'm kinda over exaggerating on that last part, but, the lady can sing and is a good replacement for Mrs. Glasgow.

Now on to the album. I have been a fan of the band since the album Anthems Of Rebellion released in 2003. Although a casual fan, I really liked the fact that they had a female fronted vocalist. At the time I discovered them, it was a bit unusual to hear of that. I was kinda hooked, or more or less intrigued, perhaps? But the vocals and the music were good. I remember thinking how technical of a band they are. Every thing from the guitars to the drums are all very tight and very, well... technical.

War Eternal is no different than the other albums that I've had the pleasure of listening to. Although this seems a bit on the heavier side of other releases. There's still all the technical guitar/bass work, but the real power is definitely with the vocals! I wasn't expecting anything of a replacement to mimic Angela Glasgow, but I kinda figured that they wouldn't find any one better than her. Well, I was wrong.

Alissa White-Gluz takes center of the sound on this recording. I mean her vocals are VERY powerful and stand out above the band. Over all she sounds amazing and is a perfect fit for the bands unique brand of metal. She can carry notes and her guttural growls and screams are well timed and really bring out an almost whole new sound to the band.

There are 14 guitar shredding, double bass hitting songs on here. There are a lot of lead typed riffs as melodies and plenty of guitar solo's in between. The drums keep an even tempo with everything going and actually kind of carry the rhythm of the songs, not like a drummer should though... if that even makes sense. In other words, while the guitars are shredding every on other note, the drums keeps the rhythm and seems to coordinate the songs. I guess that's kind of his job, being a drummer and all, but I'm used to the bass/guitars carrying the songs a bit more.

Well, if that makes any sense at all, then you should have an idea of what I mean. The album is good, its a definite Arch-Enemy album, they just have that unique sound to them that really, makes them shine. But I must say, Mrs. White-Gluz is an improvement to the band and that's by no means taking away from Angela Glasgow, who was an amazing front woman and singer in her own right. But this new Arch-Enemy seems a bit more heavier and aggressive then prior releases.

If your into technical metal, or just a fan of heavy, but not “grind/death” metal heavy, this is at least worth a listen to. I'm glad I was able to hear it and it's more than likely going to be added to my music rotation. Thanks for reading! Keep it heavy, until next time!