Wolf-Face play a melodic style of punk that reminds me of The Gaslight Anthem with a lot more aggression. They also dress up as basketball players with wolf masks for live shows, and there's tons of movie references and references to being wolves. Although that's quite an odd gimmick, the music alone is definitely good enough to not even need to mention that fact.

There isn't anything that really stands out to me as being spectacular on this record, but there's nothing bad about it either. I feel like it's just a solid, well-written collection of crude and rude punk songs with some great hooks and hoarse melodies. My favorite song on the record is probably "I Wanna be a Homo(sapien)." It's a perfect example of what they're capable of as a band. It's a well written song that has an interesting dual-vocal part and start-stop verses that go into a more reserved pre-chorus. The chorus is a huge build and again, probably my favorite on the record. I liked the guitars throughout the album as well-simple chord progressions throughout, but not strictly 3 power chord songs or anything like that. Other songs like "Came to Play" and "Put me in Coach. On Second Though, Go Fuck Yourself" were strong points on the album for me. The vocals remind me of the original Living With Lions singer who had a really raspy voice but still had a very good sense of melody and overall has a good vocal performance.

If you're into melodic punk, you might like this album. I feel like it'd be really hit-or-miss for some people. If you're a huge fan of the genre these guys might do something for you but if not, then you might think they sound like a thousand other bands. Either way, it's a well-written album that kept my attention the whole way through and if they ever did a tour near my way I'd definitely be interested to see their live show.