Well here is another one of those records that has me left just asking one question after listing to it and that is simply; why? Dol Kruug, a band on which I can find next to nothing about, has released seemingly their first record entitled Eat Me. It was pitched as some weird Space Death Metal, combine that with the somewhat stereotypical death metal looking cover, the nerd in me bit. I regret that decision.

The album fires right out with the opening track, Game Over Human, and the easiest way to describe it would be as if someone played some generic techy death metal overtop of happy hardcore dance music. Throw some gutturals in there and you have quite a mess that sets the standard for the next 9 songs to come. For the next hour, or however long this record actually is, I found myself jumping from happy hardcore to schizophrenic techno in vain of Mindless Self Indulgence to something more industrial sounding not to far off from KMDFM. Throw the death metal riffs, incoherent deep vocals, and some sci-fi movie sound clips and you have the MO of Dol Kruug. As a fan of all the individual styles that make up Dol Kruug’s sound, it has been made quite clear that jumbling them all together is not something that should ever happen. The experiment has failed.

There really isn’t anything else that needs to be said. I’ll give the band members, all 2 of them by my count, that they attempted to create something original and new, but that doesn’t always work out for the best. They clearly have talent in the programming department and they can play their traditional instruments. My advice is that they try something more in the realm of Agoraphobic Nosebleed for their next outing. They could probably find a way to sprinkle in their techno crap very sporadically and still make it work, if they need to have that in there at all.

You can avoid this one. And that’s the bottom line, because John Wren said so.