Every once in a while I'll get a physical copy of an album to review where I am glad to have found a certain artist because I wouldn't have heard of them anywhere else-this is one of those instances. This trio from Oakland, California have released a self-titled album that is a diverse, 24-track record that ventures through many musical styles with prowess and ease.

As I just mentioned, Glimpse Trio has a very diverse sound. That said, my favorite sound they have is a very ethereal, minimalist, jazzy sound with the drums propelling the group forward with exceptional hi-hat work, lush, reverb-laden guitar chords and busy but memorable bass lines. These are usually accompanied by reserved vocals with pretty cryptic lyrics. Although this is my favorite sound that they do and is prominent on tracks like "First Thing," "Cogan," and "Light From Outside (Parts 1-3)," they do a whole range of sounds very well. "Far Away" and "Space" are examples of their alternative country-like style, and the track entitled "Holiday" is a power pop tune that would fit nicely in Cheap Trick's discography. The very off-kilter guitar lines in "Light of Lime" are a bit bizarre and would fit right at home in a Mr. Bungle track.

Now, there aren't a ton of albums out there that have 24 songs on it no matter the genre. However, I have to say that not one song one here is worthy of skipping nor does any overstay its welcome. The average song length is around 2 minutes and thirty seconds or so which means even those with short attention spans will be able to sit thought his record with no problem. The record never falters as I said, as the 23rd song "The Top" is one of my favorite tracks. It reminds me of something that Faith No More would do in their later years.

If you're a fan of any of the genres that this band covers, definitely check out this record. It's available for free download off of the band's Bandcamp page, so be sure to check it out. This is easily one of the most unique albums I've gotten to review for this site as this band exceeds in the originality department. The band is incredibly talented and showcases a great performance on this self-titled outing.