Scoti Slate is a duo made up of vocalist Aaron Scoti and guitar player Lars Slate. They have gotten a few other musicians to collaborate with them to finish the other instruments on the record.

Their sound ranges a few times throughout the record genre-wise. The title track "Good Fight" along with a few others like "Any Via Nowhere" have an alternative rock sound mixed with a funky, almost 80s new-wave sound to it. Scoti's voice actually reminds me a bit of Mike Patton so I can't help but hearing a Faith No More influence on the more out-there songs. His lyrics are also a bit odd much like Patton's. "Do Ya" is a great hard-rock track, and "Dirty Birdy" is a bluesy rock song. The band covers a good amount of ground which makes the album easier to listen to. That said, when "Sprockets" comes on, I can't help but feel momentum is lost. There's a lot of pop elements thrown in that make it seem more like a dance track than something I'd seriously listen to. "Brightlife" followed in a similar fashion which I can't get behind. That said, these were the only big missteps on the album for me.

The name of this group fits in the fact that these two make the record worth listening to. Scoti's vocals are varied in range and style (he even raps over one track), and as a guitar player I really enjoyed Slate's work. He has a unique approach to the instrument that I would again compare to Trey Spruance or Jon Hudson from their work in Faith No More.

If you're a fan of alternative rock with a good dose of funk then check this record out. It didn't amaze me in any way, but it is a good listen.