Sometimes an album comes in to review that is definitely out of my wheelhouse, and John Wesley's Disconnect is no exception. I haven't heard a ton of music that sounds like his, so it's hard to draw comparisons. Maybe this is a good thing, as it sounds very fresh to me. He mixes some progressive elements in to an otherwise mix of hard rock, alternative rock, and pop rock. Couple that with brilliant songwriting and tasteful, virtuoso guitar playing and you have this album.

On anyone's solo albums, it's always great to hear variety. In this case, it's out in spades with the first four tracks being almost different genres entirely. The opening track "Disconnect" is more of a proggy song filled with non-diatonic chord progressions, tons of layers, and a good amount of structural variety. The next song "Any Old Saint" is more of a straightforward hard rock track. Following that is "Once A Warrior" a more odd, alternative type sound which at points sounds like Faith No More and at other Deftones. The fourth song "Window" is a radio-friendly pop rock song with a sing-along encouraged chorus and boasts the shortest song length on the album at 3:32. The great thing is that John Wesley does all of these sounds justice-and not only that, but puts his own stamp on it with his lyrical lead lines and unique guitar playing.

My favorite song on the album would probably have to be "How Goes The War"-not necessarily because its catchiness outweighs others or anything like that, but because for me at least it sums up his sound in one track. If you're a fan of progressive rock or alternative rock then this is an album you should check out.