Ghoul much like Gwar play a thrashy style of metal/rock that is goofy yet their muscianship is on point. So if you can't get past them wearing potato sacks on their heads and having a good time playing music, well just stop reading this right now. With that said this 6 song album had my head boppin' the whole 15 minutes and I'm gonna tell you why.

From the intro to the last rockin track I didn't stop grooving with the riffs. I didn't stop playing air guitar to all the leads and solos. I did however get a little upset when the album was over in such a short time. Which is my biggest and only complaint. I wish this was a full length.

Both guitarists show a ton of talent in just about every song. Not only with the shred, but also with song structure. The leads are so catchy that they're just as memorable if not more than the few lyrics on the album. Every harmony put a shit eating grin on my face.

My favorites were "Sidehackers" and "Blood on the Street". To me as a guitarist showed not only the best licks but are also the most memorable and catchy on the album. Since the album is so short there's not much more to say. If you play guitar, like solos or just fun rockin records you should check "Hang Ten" out. Also their live show is a blast and they're tight as fuck.