Ok. So, "Into The Absolute" is one of the weirdest and most all over the place albums I've ever heard. Throughout my listen I may (or may not) have had an aneurysm. This album goes all over the spectrum from a sludgy sometimes even djent tone all the way to melodic black metal, then turns around to a blackend death metal sound but drags it out into some ambient style shit (if that makes any sense). Oh also, don't forget the cool goth vocals in between all that. Your head hurt yet? Yea, me too.

Now that probably comes off to the reader that Owl sucks and it's a bunch of nonsense. Hopefully you believe me when I tell you it isn't and the construction of this album is beautiful chaos. With all of those elements of different styles included I'd be immediately weary too, but that's why we never judge a book by its cover.

"Into the Absolute" is the perfect title. It's exactly where you're going during the listen. The first and title track give you a perfect taste of what Owl will be bringing to the table with the album, whilst not allowing themselves to go over the top nor steering to far into the abyss. Not for a second did I lose interest or say "fuck this is too much" during my listen.

All 4 songs present themselves differently yet; very similarly. All 4 songs also rip in their own individual way. If you look in the similar bands section that to me is basically what you get. Those bands put through a blender of genius writing composition. Not many could pull something like this off. Owl did, and with no problems. Lastly, with this being their 3rd release I have no clue how they haven't risen in popularity. I should have heard about Owl much sooner.