In case you were wondering what the little kid doing curls in the squat rack was listening to; fret not, your shipment of one-handed guitaring and predictable catch phrases has arrived. Emmure have come out with just one more album too many, for you and yours to ignore.

Listeners can expect the same contrived tough guy act Emmure is known for with polished high-quality production. This record also boasts their titanic egotism, which seems to have grown in response to those critical of Emmure's undeniable success. I might take some shit for this, but I'm going to break rank and say, honestly, this is not the worst thing I've ever heard. Yeah, it's garbage but so is every band that does this schtick. As a matter of fact if there was one thing that stood out about Emmure it's how painfully status quo they really are.

There's nothing interesting here, nothing you haven't seen done ad nauseam before. Just another boring deathcore band who happened to catch some corporate wind in their sails and will be forgotten as soon as it runs out. I'm not even going to bother talking about the manufactured "controversy" regarding the lyrical content here because it's somehow even more mundane than the music.

Don't listen to Emmure. I"m not saying that because they offend me (they don't), or because I'm "hating" on them (I'm not), I'm saying that because they're an excruciatingly average assembly-line band that contributes nothing original and will sink without a trace once they give up this charade, which has gone on for far too long already.