It’s been 4 years since the Pirates Three known as Swashbuckle have graced us with their presence in the form of new music. For most of you, it’s been about 5 years since Nuclear Blast dropped the ball and failed to do much of anything in the form of trying to sell the bands third record, Crime Always Pays (*you can find this on iTunes finally). Nevertheless, these misfits of the sea are back with four new piratical thrash jingles on their Get This Right Records debut EP, We Hate The Sea.

The rumors behind the lack of promotion and availability of the last full length was because Nuclear Blast hated the fact that Crime Always Pays was not lighthearted and “fun” as the previous records. The amount of instrumental melody laced acoustic interludes was very limited and both the lyrical and musical content of the actual songs was quite pissed off. That anger brought out Swashbuckle’s best material up unto that point and both fans and the band lost out by the lack of support for it. Free from the label and management, it appears that these thrashin’ buccaneers are doing things on their own terms. First order of business is signing with an independent label in Lansdale’s based Get This Right Records and cranking out an EP that is essentially serving as a stop-gap until they are ready to release their next full-length. If Nuclear Blast hated the last full length, they are surely going to hate these four songs even more. Swashbuckle has definitely up’d the ante on this outing. A core of traditional thrash metal intertwined with elements of grind, punk, and death metal backed with tastefully added symphonic parts, which introduces the one thing that Swashbuckle may have been missing to take them to that next level. This EP also marks the first recording with drummer, the legendary pirate king, Eric “The” Brown, and he is arguably the best drummer the trio has ever had.

All seriousness aside though, Swashbuckle hasn’t completely forgotten what brought them to the table in the first place, which is their sense of humor. I mean it’s still pretty clear that the band doesn’t take themselves that seriously because they are still donning the pirate gimmick but their attitude of “well do what we want, when we want, and how we want” is still paying dividends for them in creating memorable lyrics and themes. To show that they don’t completely mean business the album opens up with a song, Beer Goggles, that’s about getting so hammered that you would sex with women of the very plus sized variety. The song Poopdeck Toilet Wreck is based on the true story of destroying a toilet in a German hostel. Even with the more negative driven I Hate The Sea (And Everything In It) and Slaughter On International Waters, it’s great to see the band hasn’t gotten away from having fun with this ride.

We Hate The Sea, is due out on Get This Right Records on August 5th and is currently taking preorders at It’s being very limited to 500 copies (100 copies with a limited alternate cover) so I would suggest jumping on this relatively quickly because with legions of fans in Europe and Canada, the US might be left in the dust again. This is an excellent, fun addition to your metal collection. Highly recommended.