I really enjoyed this album following their 2012 EP "Deadbeat". This five piece from Queens, NY have really began to set a name for themselves. This twelve song full length album with excellent placed samples really hit home for me. This being their first full length on Razor & Tie really shows they are here to change the metalcore scene. You could almost call them electro-core if you wanted.

The CD starts out with electronic and almost robotic sounding vocals. Bringing you into "Prescription Meditation", this album kept my attention all the way to the end. All inbetween experimenting with new instrument sounds, heavy bass breakdowns, melodic choruses, and piano melody truely bring the whole CD together. With the brutal words from Jayden Panesso that we can almost all find solace and refuge in because we have all been there.

If you're looking to get into something that is newer in this genre, you won't be disappointed in choosing Sylar's "To Whom it May Concern". I definitely enjoyed how the album was held together going song to song. This is definitely a upcoming band to look out for.