Twitching Tongues have been a polarizing band since their Insane & Inhumane showed up via Photobooth Records in 2010. Opinions are pretty much split down the middle and either emphatically praise or completely despise these Californians. Personally, I didn't think much of them until I saw them live in 2010. I didn't think singer Colin Young would be able to pull off the vocals live and was pleasantly surprised with his performance. Since then, the band has released two full lengths and a handful of EPs and splits. Along with their frequent release schedule they have acquired a pretty rapid following among the hardcore scene.

World War LIVE was apparently recorded in response to people saying "they are better live." It seems more likely that this was just released to feed their rabid fans and sell another record. The band and about twenty friends got together at "The Pit" in Van Nuys, CA to record their Only Living Witness/Life Of Agony/Type O inspired heavy hardcore. Very early on it is obvious that Twitching Tongues is not taking this as a serious live album. The "crowd banter" is intentionally awful, they even take a minute for a bathroom break and to find the owner of a Rolex. Fortunately, it all kind of works out in their favor. Young's vocals sound even more solid than I remember and all the instrumentation sounds album quality. Of course I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there was a lot of studio doctoring, but who really gives a shit? Perhaps the greatest live record of all time, KISS - Alive!, was notoriously fixed up, so why can't a hardcore band?

As decent as this record is, it is totally unnecessary. I listened to this twice, months apart, and I will never listen to it again. The song selection is primarily off of In Love Their Is No Law and they really are better on record. Some of the crowd vocals were cool touches to the songs, but that isn't enough to revisit World War LIVE.

If you're a huge Twitching Tongues fan and want to have an accurate discography than this is essential. For everyone else, you can skip this and you won't miss it.