The debut effort from former Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones, Devil You Know is a new band that also features members of All Shall Perish, Divine Heresy, and Bleeding Through. Given everybody involved, I was expecting a really heavy metal record with hardcore nods, maybe even something like Blood Has Been Shed. However, The Beauty Of Destruction is best described as melodic metalcore. Heavy sections are definitely heavy, with technical riffage found everywhere courtesy of Francesco Artusato. The melodic choruses are nothing new to fans of Howard's previous work, but the hooks are definitely catchy. The production is of high quality and standard for most modern metalcore, especially in that the bass guitar is non existent in the mix.

"For The Dead And Broken" is the first heavily melodic and uncharacteristic track presented on the album. The effects saturating the vocals give the track a more somber feel, I can definitely imagine this track on rock radio. Album opener, "A New Beginning", is the heaviest track on the entire album, both instrumentally and vocally. There's even a borderline ballad present with "Its Over"

I won't say I'm disappointed with this record, it's more so that I feel the band played it safe. Selfish listeners like myself longed for an extremely heavy record, but got something in the middle. I do have higher expectations for the band's next release, should that ever come to fruition. The Beauty Of Destruction is out now via Nuclear Blast.