NJ's horror loving hardcore kids Old Wounds have unleashed another short burst of chaotic fury upon us. Recently signing to Good Fight Music, Death Projection is a sampling of things to come, as the band and label teased a new full length come 2015. Opener "Dead Beat Blues" sets the tone with a riff that will have you opening the pit in your living room. Guitarist Zak Kessler's riffs are definitely rooted in bands like Cursed and Converge and much of early 2000's metalcore, and I fucking love it.

It's hard to believe OW has been sitting on this EP for some time, as it was recorded months back with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Recording in Baltimore. Bernsten is responsible for a large number of great hardcore and metal records from the past couple years. As a long term follower of the band's progress, its awesome to see them go from playing basements with my band to doing bigger tours with The Banner. Frontman Kevin Iavaroni has taken sole vocal duties, the bass now being handled by new member Mike Weintraub.

Old Wounds isn't afraid of incorporating melodies, as clean singing has appeared on previous releases, most prominently on the band's side project Sex Cross. The only taste on this EP is on closer "Epilogue Of A Posession". The haunting chorus is followed up by one last devastating mosh riff that will get your head going. I may be somewhat biased, but the evidence shows that Old Wounds is only getting more successful. As the band would say, if you don't get it thats fine. This one's for the freaks.