This 7” split from Wolvhammer and Krieg showcases the sludgy, atmospheric black metal wave that seems to be growing in popularity as of late. Thematically, the two tracks fit together well which isn't usually the case with alot of splits I've laid ears upon.

Wolvhammer - Slaves to the Grime

This is the sludgier, heavier track on the split and also my favorite. It is an alternate version of the song that appears on the full length "Clawing into the Black Sun" which was released on Profound Lore Records.

Nothing new and exciting is going on with this song but it's solid in execution. A well done combination of heavy mid-paced riffage sprinkled with some speedier black metal elements. The song did give me a pretty hard mental erection but it didn't quite make me blow a load. I was interested enough to delve deeper into the band and listen to their latest full length which I think is pretty fantastic.

Krieg - Eternal Victim

This song is more of a standard sounding black metal track with a little bit of sludge occurring. Krieg has been around for years and I never really gave a shit about them and still don't after hearing this. It isn't a terrible song by any means for my mental penis did not retract into my body upon listening, it simply twitched in an almost unnoticeable fashion.


This is a decent listen that should be used as a gauge for both of these bands other works. If you are into the whole blackened doom thing I'd say it's worth picking up but I wouldn't expect it to end up in your listening rotation very often.

So put on your cvlt nation sweatpants, hang up some mystical artwork you bought off of etsy and give it a try.