I am very pleased to have gotten the chance to review a album from one of the pioneers of New Jersey hardcore. If you are a fan of old Social Decay which I honestly don't know how you couldn't be. You will be excited to hear that their new album Sick Society a thirteen track full length, put out on To The Point Records, brings back the ruthlessness and feel of old school hardcore we all know and love. The rawness of this album is enough to make me want to take life by the balls and kick the shit out of it.

Social Decay shows you in this album life comes with the good and bad. That life isn't always easy, it's hard and we all know it. All while using breakdowns, brutal vocals with words that really mean something to everyone, mind blowing guitar riffs, the heavy roar of bass, and completely sick drumming. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire album. But if I had to chose a favorite track it would come down to "Hate is where the heart is" or the self title "Sick Society".

It's awesome that this band came back after years on break to release a brutal album bringing back the roots of hardcore. Fans new and old are sure to be pleased with the ferocious smack down this cd provides. I suggest you get up and purchase this CD!