There was a time not so long ago when I was semi-forced to attend a party bus ride throughout the Pittsburgh region.

To my dismay, each "human" on this bus was a disgusting, fat, sloppy, stupid cunt.

I felt sick being in attendance in the first place, but I was seeking death regardless so I had nothing to lose.

When the song "Bitch" or "crazy bitch" or whatever it may be called came on, these fat whores went ballistic. One attempted to blow me in public while her hushand was there. I nodded to him like " It's cool man, she's getting drunk just take care of this." but really in the back of my head I wishing I would have at least let my penis escape my pants to touch her face. His wife was only a gold digger anyway and did not give a fuck about him in the least degree.

Buckcherry fucking sucks.

Every song has the word fuck in it. It's clever.

What does this album sound like? Total shit.

Fuck this gay band and fuck this gay earth if this band still exists upon it.