Wretched has done it again and put out their fourth full length album Cannibal on Victory Records. This five piece from North Carolina is no stranger to the death metal scene. Characterized as melodic death metal that you can tell is thrash influenced, Wretched does not disappoint in showing their technical and sweet skills throughout Cannibal. They definitely show a connection to The Black Dahlia Murder in this album, which is both good and bad. I feel as though Cannibal is a solid release for Wretched which was released back in June. Cannibal shows some progress for Wretched but would I say this is their best album, no. But I would say it was definitely a violent pleasure on my ears.

Cannibal shows a more solid death metal sound on this album. It showcases dissonant leads with gruff guitar tone, diabolic growls, shredding blast beats, heavy drums, and technical precision. The production is clean throughout this manic album. It is mainly fast and furious taking you from track to track. Cannibal is incredibly strong even though there are few breakdowns.Their technical form, raspy screams, intense riffing, and heavy drums more than make up for that. There are also some pretty sweet guitar solos accompanied by melodic moments. They experiment with different sounds and offer two instrumental tracks on this album.

I feel as though Cannibal is one of the top tech-death albums put out this year. Wretched puts a furious assault on you that is relentless throughout the eleven tracks. They show massive amount of talent in Cannibal as Wretched always has. I enjoyed this album and say pick it up. It's fast and heavy and pretty much well put together.