Sometimes I'm really glad I come across bands that submit their music for review. Otherwise, I would probably never hear of them and get to experience their work. This is certainly one of those cases, as Orange County's Hemorrhage have put out one of my favorite EPs I've heard so far this year.

Hemorrhage's sound is a bit hard to pin down to one compartmentalized genre so people can imagine what they sound like. This is always a great thing, especially in the punk/hardcore vein in which they play. On their Facebook page their genre listed as "Anger," which is better than anything that I can come up with. But if I did have to draw comparisons, I'd say they sound like a perfect blend of "Awake"-era Trash Talk while having off-the-wall and dissonant, unconventional songs structures like a more accessible Converge.

Songs like the opener "Avada Kedavra" seem to take more of the punk influence with a pretty simple yet groovy chord progression claims most of the song. "Winter Is Coming" really shows their more intense side with a fast song that at points sounds so chaotic and odd-timed that the band is about to fall apart, but they never do. My favorite song "Death For Breakfast" blends these two types of songs seamlessly and adds some extremely haunting and dissonant notes in the guitar that really stuck with me. The lyrics in this track are downright insane, but I'll get to that in a bit.

As a guitar player, I really enjoyed the guitar playing on this EP. The main chord progression to "I Pay The Iron Price" really makes my point for me. The first half of it is a few power chords that I'm sure everyone's heard in a hundred other punk songs-but the song half of it will be sure to perk up your ears and go "what was that?" There's just a lot of interesting ideas that many guitarists in the same genre wouldn't be able to write. This gives Hemorrhage a huge advantage over those bands and makes their sound that much more interesting. That's not to discredit the rest of the band-the drums are always locked in with the rest of the band and a great performance was captured on this EP from the whole band. Yes, you can even hear the bass thanks to a great punchy tone. The vocals are great and convey the extremely angry and at some points crazy lyricism with ease. The production is very good too-nothing too polished but far from sounding like it was recorded inside a tin can.

Going back to the lyrics, the lyrical themes on this EP are very dark, bleak, and pessimistic which I love. An example would be "Death For Breakfast" which seems to be from the point of the view from a cannibalistic serial killer? That's what I got out of it anyway. Lyrics include the cheery lines "You look like pieces to a puzzle, pulled apart for my amusement/They'll never make you whole again/The king’s men were
too late this time."

There really isn't a bad song on this whole EP. "Letters From The Dead" finally lets you breathe with a clean yet menacing intro and plods along with a dissonant but slow structure. "Last Man Standing" is a short burst of cathartic energy from the band and is a perfect closer. Straight to the point and decidedly in-your-face, this is a song and EP you'll remember and come back to again.

I don't give out the 5 star rating a lot, but I can't say anything negative about this EP. It's a great debut by a band and I can't wait for new material. If you like any type of punk or hardcore music, here's your new favorite band you've never heard.