Wow, is what I have to say in regards to Columns debut album Please Explode, released on Relapse Records. This album far surpasses any I have heard in the grindcore/death metal scene in years. It's sick and twisted and heavy as fuck! This four piece from Charlotte, North Carolina really give it to you and in the best way possible. With sixteen tracks of dirty, raw, mind blowing, short and choppy songs. I can't say I knew who Columns was prior to listening to Please Explode, but holy fuck! This album has crept into one of my top favorites of this year.

Formed in 2003 as purely a instrumental act, they brought on Adam Cody (Glass Casket and Wretched) as their vocalist. With multiple changes in their line up over the years. Columns is definitely setting the bar high for any other band in this genre. Please Explode is thrashy it's sludgey. It's basically disgustingly heavy and chaotic. It makes you want to destroy anything and everything in your path. They show a southern feel throughout which just adds to the nastiness of this album. Columns offers some close to hardcore breakdowns, but honestly the album didn't even need that. There is tons of groove and nasty riffs.

In conclusion, I fucking loved it. The album is heavy and puts you through a unrelenting assualt that doesn't give up as it races through each track. It's impressive and dirty and completely a excellent album to listen to. It's a must have for anyone who likes a remorseless pounding of nasty, vulgar metal. It's madness at its best. Please Explode was released back on the 5th of August and if you haven't checked it out yet, get the fuck up and get this! You're in for a special treat and will leave your mind bruised and bloody.