When you see this album "art" if you want to call it that, you know you're in for some pretty low-budget sounding music from this band. And that's what you get-it sounds like someone recorded this CD from the audio record function on their iPhone or something. There's thirteen-year-olds in their bedrooms with GarageBand who produce better-sounding albums than this. Now, although that may be harsh, as long as the music stands up on its own it doesn't matter how bad the recording quality may be-Trapped Under Ice's demo is still one of my favorite 7"s while still sounding like it was recorded with a potato. That's not the case on this album though.

The band is a pretty generic rock band that covers a few other sounds like funk and more reserved softer rock but don't necessarily do any well. This album just feels like a bunch of songs thrown together rather than a cohesive release. The performances from the bassist, drummer, and vocalist aren't anything to write home about. The only redeeming factor is the lead guitarist who certainly knows his way around the fretboard which is clear in the first few seconds of the first track "Sleeptalking." The problem is, none of the songs are memorable for a second listen. I can't find anything about this band online and all of the links they list on their insert minus the Myspace link even work so even if I were to recommend this band you probably can't check them out. But I don't recommend this album at all, so don't worry about it.