Better Luck Next Time is a pop rock/pop punk band from California. They have a sound that seems to be heavily influenced by melodic hardcore, as a good amount of this record is consumed by simple quick chord progressions accompanied by octave melody lines. Although that works for them in songs like "Weight of The World," "Astray," and "Beauty Fool," it starts to overstay its welcome in my opinion in others spots on the record like "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back."

I really enjoyed the first seven songs of this album. I feel like those seven would be a solid EP. My favorite song would have to be "Mistakes & Handshakes," which is actually more of a pop rock sound rather than their fast pop punk style. I feel like doing the really fast stuff in pop punk really limits sonic possibilities and is overdone. Luckily songs like "Mistakes & Handshakes" are thrown in there to vary up the pace. This track is very catchy with great instrumentals, interesting melodic choices, and the chorus is arguably the most memorable part of the whole album.

There are a few things that keep me from really enjoying this album, however. As I mentioned, the first seven songs are very good and show some signs of originality (minus a blatant ripoff of a melody line taken from The Starting Line's "Hello Houston"). The last four tracks, for me at least, fall flat and could have been scrapped altogether. It was a bit hard to sit through those last few songs without wanting to skip them or go back to earlier songs on the album.

All in all, this is a good pop punk/pop rock release. If you're a fan of poppier bands like The Starting Line and fast-playing pop punk bands like Set Your Goals, check this band out.