Mierdaster is a band hailing from Chile that mixes a blend of thrash and hardcore punk. Obviously, this would make one assume they're a crossover thrash band, but the mix is kind of odd. They don't necessarily blend them together, but rather have some parts that are thrashy and some parts (mainly choruses) that are simple and sometimes memorable punk-influenced choruses.

The punk styling is done very well and is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed parts of this album. That said, the thrash side is almost demanding to listen to, as not one iota of originality is offered on these passages. It comes out sounding like the band wishing they were in one of Max Cavalera's projects. More straightforward punk songs like "Verte Caer" and "Infierno" were amongst my favorite on the album. There's also some great dual-guitar work with harmonies reminiscent of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The enjoyable moments on the album outweigh the negative ones, but honestly not by much.

There's a good amount of the album that's just plain boring and uninspired. It doesn't help that the production sounds a bit thin for a band that's trying to sound as heavy as this one. I can't help but hear a metal band from South America and think at some points they sound like a poor man's Sepultura, which unfortunately Mierdaster does on occasion. Although their punk-influenced side definitely hits home and is enjoyable, there's not enough on this album that's original and memorable to recommend it. In my opinion, La Furia is an average metal/punk album at best.