Bay Area hardcore band Punch really doesn't waste much time getting to the point. They are essentially, no pun intended, a punch in your ear's mouth. Blistering hardcore with two step inducing d-beats and intense breakdowns. Coming off their successful 2011 EP Nothing Lasts, Punch continues to push their heavy sound with They Don't Have To Believe. One listen to album opener "Worth More Than Your Opinion" is all it takes to get the idea of what this band is capable of. Perfectly executed blast beats and alternating breakdowns in 1:23. Drummer Val Saucedo is a fucking maniac, and a definitive highlight of the album. You may be familiar with Saucedo's work with Living Eyes, Loma Prieta, and even drumming for Ceremony on their most recent tour.

The longest song on the album clocks in around 2:33, the 15 overall tracks lasting about 19 minutes. Vocalist Meghan O'Neil sounds fucking furious, which is no different from any other Punch release. I'd like to keep this review short and to the point, as that completely reflects the sound of this album. Listeners familiar with Punch, this sounds like Punch. Short, fast, pissed hardcore that is worth a listen. Catch them at Golden Tea House in Philly or Circuit City in New Brunswick this September. They Don't Have To Believe is out now via Deathwish Inc.