When Ingested came out I was instantly interested having been a fan of some members previous band Decrepit Womb. Their first releases received a decent bit of acclaim. It was brutal death metal focusing more on the slam side of things. It had a good deal of energy and power behind it. The release was certainly above average and held promise of things to come.

In 2011 they released their 2nd full length, The Surreption. This was a bit of a departure from the first release. The music was definitely still strongly rooted within death metal, but there was an undeniable deathcore influence upon it. If you know anything about uppity metalheads, they were none too stoked about that. For me, the deathcore influence wasn't an issue. At times it reminded me of the first White Chapel which I enjoy. The problem I had with it was some of it just lacked the energy of the first release and for me, I didn't listen to it as much as the debut.

This new EP promised a return to form, the band was aiming to please fans. From the opening track it was blatantly obvious of that. There was a certain vigor back to the band, renewed power if you will. The first 3 songs are easily a mix of the first two releases. That is to say, those looking for a complete absence of deathcore should simply move along. The last track, Endgame, was the most lacking. It feels like it may have been left on the cutting room floor of the last album.

Overall, what Ingested brings to the table is energetic brutality with sprinklings of deathcore. They're not adding anything new to the genre, but that's not a bad thing and I don't think that was their intention in any way. Revered by No One... is solid through and through. It's a good introduction to the band for those not familiar with them as well as a decent return to form for those wishing they still sounded like their first release.