Iron Reagan have only been around for a couple years, but have released a massive amount of material. It started with their Demo in 2012, then came their debut full length "Worse Than Dead" on A389, a split with Exhumed followed via Tankcrimes, and most recently a thirteen song one sided flexi disc supplied by Decibel Magazine/Magic Bullet Records released in June. That is more records than most bands put out before breaking up, so why the hell not throw another full length on the pile. Earlier this week Relapse Records brought us Iron Reagan's best work yet in the form of "The Tyranny Of Will."

This record starts out with the title track and completely caught me off guard. Iron Reagan have always floated in between the genres of hardcore, punk and thrash, effectively earning the title of crossover, but I wasn't expecting the heaviness I heard "Tyranny Of Will" that reminded me of Leeway or Iron Age on "Constant Struggle." It was a pleasant surprise though and I quickly realized that crunchier NYHC influence would be found through most of the record.

Just like any other Tony Foresta fronted band, the lyrics are mostly sarcastic/funny/dumb, but there is an obvious contrast in seriousness between songs like "Eyeball Gore" and "Bill Of Fights." I don't think Iron Reagan will ever stray from their very tongue in cheek approach, but they are obviously capable of taking a "mature" stance if they feel like it.

Musically this record absolutely destroys. As I previously mentioned, their seems to be more of crunch to these songs with the NYHC influence, that is mostly evident on the opener and closer of the record. The rest of the album keeps that thickness, but doesn't let up on the speed like crossover era Agnostic Front, D.R.I. or C.O.C.. It's like hearing S.O.D. and Anthrax playing hardcore and crossover.

I can't say enough good things about this album. This is without a doubt my favorite hardcore record of the year and with only a few short months to go, I don't think that will change in 2014. I'm sure these guys will have a new record out in six months, but for now this is easily their best yet.