Originally released in 2004, this remastered treatment of I is what you expect. It's a lot louder than its predecessor, and definitely punchier in the rhythm section. I was the result of a one off track to help a friends startup record label, and the 21 minute track contains plenty of twists and turns that Meshuggah fans have been accustomed to. Opening with 90 seconds of droning on the same palm muted riff, drummer Tomas Haake playing a fury of tom fills and double kick acrobatics. The song explodes into a cornucopia of down tuned riffs, compliments of guitarists Fredrik Thordendal and Marten Hagstrom's 8 string guitars. Polyrhythmic blast beats and abrupt tempo changes are all over the place, with Jens Kidman's signature machine gun vocal attack right in line with whatever whacked drum beat is happening at the time.

The re-release on Nuclear Blast is an attempt to bring this EP to people's attention that may have otherwise missed it. Accompanying the 21 minute track is 2 live tracks, as well as a b-side from the 2003 sessions entitled "Pitch Black". This is definitely a worthwhile pickup for Meshuggah fans, or great educational material for anybody playing in djent bands. Remember kids, Meshuggah did it first.