Trap Them is band that falls into the category of never really straying from their sound, which is really comprised of chaotic drumming, distorted vocals, and HM-2 soaked guitar. Over the course of 4 full lengths and a slew of EP's, Trap Them have no problem sticking to what they do well. Blissfucker is the band's latest offering, and shit gets real quick with opener "Salted Crypts". Producer Kurt Ballou's signature feedback squeals are what welcome you to the chaotic 47 minute album. What follows is varying blast beats and d-beat mosh riffs that are designed to incite physical activity.

Anybody familiar with any of the band's back catalog knows exactly what they're gonna get, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd rather some bands produce a consistent onslaught of releases that hold up against each other, rather than start incorporating melody for the hell of it (cough Hatebreed cough Throwdown). One of the coolest moments on the record, at least for me is on "Habitland", when the chaos subsides to nothing but a refrained screaming vocal and slightly distorted drums. Overall, Blissfucker is a 47 minute rager that long time fans will enjoy, as well as Deathwish-esque hardcore in general.