Two Piece powerviolence masters Iron Lung are back at it again, releasing the follow up to 2013's White Glove Test. With 12 tracks clocking in at a whopping 7 minutes, Savagery begins and ends with a bang. Each track name begins with the letter "S" because why the fuck not? Unlike most heavy music, the lack of a bass player has never taken away from Iron Lung's chaos. The low end present in drummer/vocalist Jensen Ward's kit provides all the punch necessary. Although split into 12 tracks, the entire EP plays as one piece, unless you're listening to the 7".

Typical to Iron Lung's discography, the two piece shifts between chaotic blastbeats and downtempo chugging breakdowns with reckless abandon. Vocal duties continue to be shared between both Ward and guitarist/vocalist Jon Kortland, whose midrange guitar tone blasts out riff after riff in precise alignment with the constantly changing tempos. Fans of powerviolence in general need to pick this up, newcomers take a quick listen. And do yourself a favor and check these guys out live, I've spent their last 2 shows at the FU Church in Philly releasing all sorts every ounce of repressed rage I had, but I digress. Savagery is out now via the band's own Iron Lung Records.