When I first found out that one of my favorite bands was to be recorded by my favorite audio engineer, I was ecstatic. Kurt Ballou is responsible for a majority of my favorite heavy releases, mainly for capturing a band's live performance in a studio setting, without sacrificing the chaos that is hard to replicate with multi tracking. Every Time I Die has always been a band that never strayed too far from it's root, albeit incorporating a heavier melodic element along the way. Unlike other's, ETID never ditched their heavier sound for the aforementioned melodic and twangy vocals present on many of their singles. Their 7th studio album, From Parts Unknown is arguably one of their heaviest offerings yet.

Opener "The Great Secret" is an ominous guitar riff that segues into a full band assault, frontman Keith Buckley screaming "blow your fucking brains out". A line that on paper looks more fitting for an overweight death core vocalist before a drop B breakdown hits, but Buckley makes it work. Breakdowns are present as always, but all mosh riffs take a couple twists and turns throughout the album. Straightforward chaotic tracks like "If There Is Room To Move, Things Move", and "Thirst" are what longtime listeners come to expect from ETID. Drummer Ryan "Legs" Leger seems to have finally found his place in the band, and his style shines throughout the record. Riff magicians Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams continue to pump out heavy twists and turns that will have you punching your steering wheel or moshing in your living room. My personal favorite is the track "Moor", which opens with a piano and Buckley's ominous vocals, before exploding into a head banging riff fest that ends with the band's heaviest and lowest tuned breakdown on record.

Album closer, "Idiot", is a definite nod to the band's past, sure to please anybody who likes to proclaim the best ETID has done is Hot Damn!. While many of their peers are long broken up, or transitioning to a more commercial sound, ETID continues to get better with each new album. Those unfamiliar with the band's live show should try to see them in the smallest room possible. From Parts Unknown is available now via Epitaph Records.