I've had this album for a lot longer than I should for a review. I've listened to it a bunch and tried to figure out my exact thoughts or if I even liked it. After a month, I'm still not entirely certain, but the side I'm leaning towards bums me out. That side is this album being below average for such an awesome band.

Their last album, Forever Carnival, was their first since the tragic accident that claimed their drummer's life and basically ruined their singer's. Even returning met some mixed review from fans, I was for it. The album had even more mixed reviews, I enjoyed it a good deal, so I had high hopes that their 2nd album as a new unit would be even more solid. That fell short for me.

The opening track is quite solid to be honest. However, from there on out it just moves along at a pace that eventually feels monotonous. It's a mid tempo groove that at times sounds like a bad band that says they're influenced by Pantera, but never wrote a song close to it. Some of it even sounds nu metal. Take the title track for instance, I expected post Sepultura Max to pop up yelling some sort of nonsense. The rest sounds like material Meshuggah and Fear Factory would have left on the cutting room floor. To the point, this album is simply bland, often boring, below their average, and lacking energy of prior releases. It's a real shame considering their back catalog.