Homewrecker has been a rumbling avalanche throughout the last few years. Their debut EP caught my attention, their split with The Love Below made them dangerous, the debut LP, Worms and Dirt engulfed me, and now Circle Of Death is here to finish the job and crush me to mush. Much like the parodied "evolution of man" cover art, Homewrecker has morphed into a whole new machine since 2009.

Originally starting out as a four piece, Homewrecker spent three years as a five piece before eventually returning to a quartet for Circle Of Death. For most bands, losing their singer is typically a kiss of death, but Homewrecker split up the vocal duties among themselves and sound like a new, but familiar beast.

The first tracks off of their last two releases were immediate attention grabbers. When comparing opener "Forced Under" to "Cematary Man" and "Wreck" it doesn't have the same Kool Aid man entrance I've come to know from Homewrecker. But by the time the title track kicks in, the band shows their adapted stripped down sound that is less bite, but more gnaw. Immediately evident are riffs that could easily be on a Slayer record right next to leads that would sound at home coming from Integrity. Homewrecker has always peppered in a healthy dose of grindcore, and while that is still an ingredient, there is an added element of something Cro-Mags-ish that feels like the band cut some fat and are taking a leaner approach.

Despite the change in vocals, I can't really say it has had any impact at all for my ears. Unlike most vocal change ups, I don't think I would have noticed if I didn't already know. That isn't to say the vocals are, or have ever been, underwhelming, but to compliment how tight and comfortable Homewrecker sounds on Circle Of Death.

At nine songs in twenty minutes, this record goes by fast. However, much like their label mates, Noisem on Agony Defined, Homewrecker brings a level of intensity that doesn't let up through the whole record. There are no soft spots even in the slower moments. Circle Of Death sounds like claustrophobic gorilla music and I love it.