OK, so I am a bit out of my musical element when it comes down to this band. As where I usually listen to stuff that's a lot faster and usually harder, I figured why the hell not. I mean, if their out there making music and CD's and doing the whole “Rocker” thing, they have to appeal to some one out there, right? Right. So here we are, On Tops new CD-Top To Bottom.

Well, I have to say, I am kinda glad I picked this one out of the long standing pile that is now 101 days old. On to the music part of this review. There are only four, hair swinging, ass shaking songs for our listening pleasures. And I have to admit, they are all pretty good. I guess I should rephrase that, for the type of music I usually listen to, this sounded good to me, like I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the songs. And as I listened to them more and more, I caught myself singing along here and there and even applying a bit of air guitar (which I totally shred on by the way!!!).

The album starts off with the song “No Shame”. With a simple, but very effective guitar intro, the full band is introduced as the bass line drives the rhythm and leads us into the main stream of music and an almost snotty sounding vocalist. And no, not the snotty type that needs a tissue, but you know, snotty, stuck up, cool guy. But here's the thing. This guy can really pull it off. Its a pretty Rock and or Roll-ish type song. Not really sure what to call it. Almost Glam? Hard Rock?

Either way, for being a three piece, the bands sound is very full and polished, the vocals never go out of time and everything really falls into place well with On Top.

Any how, the next song to explode on the speakers “Cold and Blue”, now while this could be a reference to his wiener, I don't believe it is. You get more of the rock star sounds, complete with cheesy rock guy intro featuring the cool cymbal chiming thing and some pretty neat guitar work. The rest of the song is a bit edgier then the first track. There is a pretty cool chorus where there are multiple vocals belting out the chorus. We are then brought back down to slow-er pace of things with an complicated breakdown that jumps into awesome guitar lead. After that its back to the multiple voice chorus and then the end. Yup, that about sums it up. I liked it.

“Don't Go” is the next offering by these guys, not much has changed since the last two songs. I mean, it's not bad in any sense of the word. And it's not even repetitive. All the songs really do flow along smoothly and the four songs on here don't seem to ever get boring.

You can actually hear a bit of 80's/90's influenced glam on these tracks, but with a more modern touch them. Like the guys from that movie ROCK STAR, kinda like that. And yes, I loved that movie! But that's besides the point.

To close out the album, you have “Bad Love”, I'm guessing by the lyrics that there's this banging ass hottie that is probably shaking her shit all around and he's attracted to her, but guess what-15,16 and 17 will most likely get you 20. So he does the right thing, I think! I'm gonna leave that up in the air. But you can kinda come to your own conclusion if you hear the song. Which I recommend if your into the hard rock/metal, finger tapping, slashing guitar licks and solos, bass driven rhythms and the “Snotty” vocalist.

Over all this was an enjoyable album. Before I became the Mighty Sixx and discovered the awesome world of Punk Rock and Thrash metal, I did listen to the softer side of metal. I remember being in my first year of JR High and just discovering Metallica and Slayer... and G-n-R. Well this band kind of takes me back to those days, many, many years ago. And I always say that if a band can make you time travel, than that's a band worth listening to. And I'll be damned if On Top didn't take me back to the funky park on Swan and 17th, with the vandalized cement picnic tables, that were defaced with every color of sharpie that was made back then and had every metal band logo from Poison to Exodus penned into it. If you have a personal time machine and need some gas, try these guys out. Until next time, thank you for reading.